Ritual: Morning Routine (Part 2)

Supporting Your Morning Routine – The Practical

So now you have created a Morning Routine (Part 1) that feels good to you. Way to go! Everything is going along smoothly when all of a sudden, you morning routine gets squashed – either by you, your people, or circumstances beyond your control. So, what do you do when you run into interference/resistance energy? Let’s look at some practical ways to support yourself and your morning ritual with self-love, respect and flexibility. In Part 3, we look at some Magical ways to support your Morning Routine.

Practical Support
Create a good Evening Routine. I’m sorry to say it, but a good Morning Routine starts the night before. Committing to getting up and creating the conditions for your success is half the battle.

  1. Tell someone: Let your husband, partner, roommate, friend, child know that you are getting up and what time you are getting up. Communicate any concerns and get on the same page about who is doing what and when (if you are in a family.)
  2. Set your alarm: We talked about this in part 1, but make sure you choose a reasonable time. Then, set your alarm. Some people would say to put it at a distance from your bed. I’m not a huge fan of this, because it’s annoying to my partner or could wake my sleeping child…. and any momma knows, this is NOT AN OPTION. I keep it close, but if I don’t get up right away, it becomes harder and harder. I chant my current mantra… “It’s worth it to feel good” until I get my feet on the floor.
  3. Set Up your Supplies: This may sound dorky, but I put my fresh running clothes in the bathroom next to a bottle of water. It makes it a world easier to get dressed if they are sitting in front of me, post-pee. I also clear off my desk and make sure I have a fresh candle on my altar, journal with pen and Oracle Cards sitting right there. (Benefits: No commotion to wake others up getting things ready or wasting precious sleeping time gathering supplies.)
  4. Reasonable Bedtime: This is a tough one, because for many of us, our time at night might be the only time we have for ourselves. That being said, you have to do what feels reasonable for you. For me, being pregnant and having a 3 year old, I start my bedtime routine around 9:00 PM on weeknights and am usually turing out the light by 9:45 PM. That is the easiest way for me to wake up early and feel good.

Here are some more practical ways to stay engaged with your Morning Routine:

  • Think SMALLer. Keep it simple. If you have a strong “someday” conversation about starting your routine, being ready or having more time… than let me break it to you gently, it’s never going to happen. This is not about “finding the time” it’s about making the time. Everyone has 5 minutes. What can you commit to do for 5 minutes every morning that is simply all about you feeling good about yourself?
  • Make Adjustments. I’ve been committed to my current morning routine for about 5 weeks now. After about 3 weeks, the novelty wore off and it’s been harder to get up and keep my commitment. I have a great excuse (I’m 6+ months pregnant) but the truth is, I feel better when I do my routine. So one adjustment I make is, I get up later… around 6:30 AM sometimes (instead of 5:45-6:00) and I tell myself I don’t have to do any jogging during my jog/walk.
  • Get a Buddy. Share this idea with a friend and commit to supporting each other. Set up a checkin call, or txt each other on your progress. Accountability can be very motivational.
  • Techie Motivation. I use an iPhone. If I take it with me when I exercise I can not only Track My Ideas on the digital notepad, I can track my distance with the handy little app Run Keeper. It is a free app for iPhones that has a GPS function to map your route and measure your fitness level. I don’t normally listen to music while I exercise outside because I like the natural sounds better, but on occasion,  I will listen to NPR or put on a talk that I have downloaded from the internet on my iPhone, if I am meeting a lot of resistance getting out the door.
  • Treat Yourself. I play games with myself and offer treats if I do my routine, like Lattes and imaging the feeling having alone time during my walk.

Interference Energy
The truth is, shit happens. No one is immune. The best way to deal with change is to acknowledge that you are not in control of everything and be kind to yourself by doing a little something.

  • Shorten your Morning Routine. If you can’t do your whole routine – for whatever reason – do part of it. Do 5 minutes. Do something for yourself. If you have one minute – say your motivational mantra and affirm your grounding “I am grounded.” Than move along.
  • Create an Alternate Routine. For myself, I do the part of my routine that I call “connecting to spirit” – I light my altar candle, say hello to myself at spirit, draw an Oracle Card for the day, and write down my prayer and what I would like to experience. If I have 10 minutes, I’ll do a little stretching as well.

Okay friends, that’s it for now. Remember, no body is perfect. Having a morning routine is all about feeling good about yourself not finding more ways to beat yourself up! If you have any practical ideas you’d like to share about how you support your morning practice, we would love to hear about them in the comments section. When you are ready, check out Part 3 to dive into ways you can Magically Support your Morning Practice.

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Part 3: Magical Support for your Morning Routine

Image: My clothes for exercise, set out in the bathroom the night before. Not very exciting, but extremely motivating for someone who does not like to figure out what to wear.

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  1. The setting stuff out/getting stuff ready the night before appears to be the key component for me! Otherwise I lose time ironing clothes in the morning, packing munchkin’s backpack, and before I know it, half an hour piddled by and I’m running/dragging munchkin to school. Thanks for the gently firm reminders!!!! xoxox

  2. this information is so great! I really love this news letter!! So Inspiring!!

  3. Thanks for the fantastic tips. As an adult full-time student, I realized that since I don’t have a job to set my schedule my routine is way off. Rather than resign to a rut, I’m going to revive my routine.

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