New Moon in Scorpio

Today, Wednesday, October 26th, the New Moon enters Scorpio and marks the Lunar Samhain. With the Sun & Moon in Scorpio, the sign of cyclical transformation, we move deeper into the season of endings. Miracles happen.

All New Moons take us into the dark, so we can mix with the Void, and emerge anew. This one is the Mother of all Dark Moons, in Scorpio, the sign of death that births the new. –Molly Hall

Like a snake shedding its skin, like the phoenix burning itself up to be born again, great insights can be born on this transformational night, if you listen – for Scorpio is the sign that seeks deep truth in all things. You may feel even MORE inclined to check out, but this dark, regenerative moon in Scorpio dares us to be truthful with ourselves. What deep truth wants to be reborn in you? Close your eyes and listen to the answer. If this question is asked in ritual, the rewards will come back tenfold.

  • Break out the Divination tools (Runes, Tarot cards, I Ching) or get a reading from a friend
  • Journal: list three things in your life, that you are now willing to tell the truth about (if only to yourself)
  • Make an altar to honor the parts of you that you are ready to let go of
  • Start a Gratitude Practice
  • Write your New Moon Wishes

TIP + TRANSFORMING THE SHADOW – It’s a powerful Dark/New Moon to surrender to Scorpio’s death and rebirth process, a subtle act that often requires the faith to journey through your own personal shadow. Take a moment to ask what habit, pattern, or belief no longer serves you? If it does not come up right away, write in your journal for a while. When you have the awareness, let yourself know if you are ready to let go of this habit, pattern or belief to make way for a new form or possibility to emerge? Take time to honor it through ritual –  make an altar to this part of yourself, write a letter to this part or drawing a picture of it to be burned. Recognize the gifts (the strengths and the weaknesses) and thank it for all the work it has done on your behalf. It served a purpose once, but now you are ready for a new possibility.

My town celebrates the Day of the Dead, so altars are in storefronts all over town through the month of October. This year my ancestor altar is on my front porch. This year we have the sunflower heads from our garden filled with seeds, nuts and “nature-finds” from our walks, squash & flowers from our garden, apples from friends, old buttons from great grandma, old photos of our loved ones who have passed, sugar and novenas.

As each day grows darker, we are reminded that this season invites us all to dig a little deeper and learn to embrace the dance of life’s cycles and varying forms – from birth, growth and death on into the transitional time before rebirth. In magic, we say – Hold on to the dream and LET GO OF THE FORM. What have you outgrown? What is know true for YOU right now. It’s safe to communicate and come into the present tense.

Celebrate the Possibility you are stepping into!
+ Heather

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