Ritual: Freya Day Sparkle this Friday the 13th

Time to celebrate Friday the 13th. Yes dear magical friends, 13 is a LUCKY number for pagans representing the 13 lunar months in a year. And Friday is the sacred day of the Nordic Earth Goddess Freya (associated with Venus and Aphrodite) representing love, beauty, passion, and prolific procreation.

Doreen Virtue writes about Freyja this way: “Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, Freyja rides her chariot pulled by mighty cats (Leo) across the rainbow bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. Unafraid of her sexual power, Freyja teaches us to appreciate our attractiveness and enjoy ourselves.”

Freya Day Sparkle Ritual
Let go of any remaining Holiday sludge and clean yourself up today! Maybe you get your nails done, make an appointment for a massage, shave your legs or pluck your brows, brake out the sexy undies, shine up your jewelry, buy a new mascara, throw out old beauty supplies or whisper sweet nothings to yourself in the mirror!  For all the boys our there, take care of the weird hairs (eyebrows) and throw out the ripped jeans, old underwear and stained tshirts (pits) – get it done! Let’s get moving everyone… go for a run, pump some weights, and toss the clothes that no longer fit for public consumption. It’s time to sparkle yourself up.

Enjoy the day, TGIF!

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