ALL-IS-ON: What I heard from a Horse

By guest blogger Allison Fragakis

What I heard from a horse: Listen with your WHOLE body!

I’m afraid of horses. So, it’s odd that I would design a writing workshop centered around interacting with an equine herd. But, my love for animals outweighed the fear that a horse might trample me. I led the workshop last weekend, and let me tell you, it was worth the few spikes of adrenalin. Those horse beauties taught me a whole lot about listening, and ultimately, about opening to creativity.

We were a group of nine women, holstered with quirky pens and a medley of journals. We set out into the uncut, hilly pastures of Equistar Farm to visit with the free-roaming horses. Our mission: to connect with the horses and explore how they “listen.” Then we wrote, we shared, we wrote some more…

by Al-listen Fragakis

Have you ever stepped into a green salad bowl meadow?
It’s the place where a minute feels like a day
A day seems like a season
Horses know all about it
Stroll in and they’ll tell you
But don’t ask directly
but not with your ears
Listen with your whole body
Let the twitches and itches reveal the door
Lean into the earth’s heartbeat
Feel it with your feet,
not your eardrums
Having trouble?
Find a drowsy-looking horse
You think he’s not paying attention
You think he’s staring at blades of grass
He doesn’t listen like you and me
Let the heat of his curious muzzle sniff your soul
If he trusts you, he’ll show you the way
It’s the place where a minute feels like a day
A day seems like a season

Horses listen with their whole bodies! The beautiful thing about whole body listening is that it halts the mind chatter and gently pulls you into the present.

Time S T R E T C H E S before you like a big green meadow. For me, this is the magical space where creativity comes galloping out of my heart and into my pen or paintbrush.

It’s an unusual prescription, but if you’re looking to let more of your creative juju flow, I suggest that you go hang out with a horse. Heck, while you’re at it, why not spend quality time with a cow, an ant or a butterfly?

Allison Fragakis’s next Writing Circle series starts Wednesday September 12th, 11 am-1 pm in Larkspur, CA. Stay tuned for the future Writing with Horses Retreat at Equistar Farm this Fall and Spring 2013. Visit

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