Full Moon in Capricorn

Happy almost Independence Day in the US!

On Tuesday, July 3rd* we celebrate the Full Buck Moon or Thunder Moon. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur – beautiful, soft and protective. Can you let yourself be beautiful, soft AND protected with healthy boundaries? (say yes!)

Today the Earth sits between the Full Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer.

The Cancer-Capricorn opposition blends two signs that draw in what they need, and fiercely resist what they don’t want. Both can appear to brood and go deep within, only to end up surrounding themselves with emotional and material structures that are built to last. Molly Hall

Built to last, now that is a concept worth exploring in these uncertain times. As you know, the Moon rules Cancer and is the place of emotions, the pulse of the heart, the tides and represents the archetypal mother. The planet associated with Capricorn is Saturn – the place of authority, boundaries, structure, and describes your relationship with archetypal father.  It makes for a very interesting dance between our desire to be taken care of and our drive to make something happen. Instead of torturing yourself with repetitive thought patterns around “________” leading you into fear and depression, externalize it – dance, play, run, sing and drum with it. Do anything but think about it. Use the creative tension available to release energy into the parts of your life that are begging for your non-thinking attention. Movement begets movement. Healthy energy is moving energy.

  • Give yourself some tough love by letting go of what is not giving you energy
  • Enjoy a little Cranial Sacral therapy,  re-pulsing the body to re-connect with your own rhythm OR acupuncture… oh so relaxing
  • Send a note to a teacher that has made a difference for you
  • Align your life’s priorities with what you truly value in the present tense


TIP + Is this My Mountain? – As your sturdy Capricorn mountain goat Maria sings “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” take a moment to access the nurturing intelligence of Cancer to ask yourself, does this FEEL like my mountain? OR is this somebody else’s mountain? You may want to reconsider if you really do need to climb EVERY mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow until you find your dream. What if you could take a time out and check in with how this current path is feeling? Does this path light you up, turn you on, make you excited about life? If the answer is no, it’s time to make a COURSE CORRECTION. Before you charge off, take advantage of the view, reassess where you are and where you want to be…and make the choices that feels good to you (even if they are hard for others.) One step at a time. Trust that you can follow the Sound of your OWN Music.

As for me, I’m definitely climbing a mountain right now, and as much as I would like to think I am at/near the top… I am not. I haven’t hit the tree line yet, but I feel it coming. What I know for sure is that the old ways/habits/patterns of being are quickly being shown the door, if you know what I mean… and, like a pregnant lady, I have an insane impulse to clean in preparation for what’s next (not a baby!) But this is not just my regular clean up & sparkle action. This cleaning is all about POWER WASHING the shit out of my physical environment, tech environment, my closets, my relationships and my business. This is the year of the water dragon after all… flexibility and patience regarding the unfolding of NEW FORM are the skills being sharpened, as I continue to trust/doubt/trust the direction I am being called. It’s not easy. Intellectually I know I will eventually exit the woods and see where I am, but emotions are a different story. They need more support. SO, I continue my practice of “reading the signs” while I clean, run, go outside, make art/altars/rituals/prayers, hang with my peeps, receive healings from incredibly talented folks and enjoy the most amazing Intuitive Consulting sessions/clients ever. Honestly, it’s a huge blessing to do this work with others. People are ignited all over the place. We are all in this together… so let’s get clear on what’s what and start to utilize this energy to rock it! I’m receiving an intuitive consulting session this week, what are YOU willing to receive?

I’m definitely
+ Heather

*Moon Tip partially reprinted from 2011

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  1. I prayed to the Capricorn moon.I am a Capricorn and it felt good and strong.
    She is my altar tho’ i need one in my home too.

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