Riding the Wave towards 12-12-12

Hello Everyone! I’ve been deep in the Soul Realms working with a second batch of magically-inclined Soul Explorers. It’s incredibly fun, intense and powerful. And it’s unplanned. What does that mean? Any plan I make, any attempt to control or get it right or have it together…. I get creamed! The only plan now is to RESPOND to what is showing up authentically and respectfully. My psychic powers are expanding and the vision of my new work is clarifying, all the while my physical reality is saying – STOP everything and pay attention to what is right in front of you! Health and family are asking for my attention. It is am amazing time holding the energy of “coming together” and “falling apart” – the Death/Rebirth Tarot card is up front. No one I know is immune to the transformation coming down the track. Read the Signs. What’s showing up in your world? Below is a little summary of the current energy AND a re-posting of my “2012 What the big deal?” post from the beginning of the year. Remember, when things speed up around you, it’s good medicine to SLOW DOWN and notice. I’m in it with you. Keep breathing. I’m going to announce an awesome offering for 12-12-12 soon. xo heather

Continue to cultivate and run the energy of TRUST. This is going to be incredibly important. Many things are going sideways. Enter-tain the possibility that this is a GOOD thing. Practice direct communication & swift action. Think LOOSE BELLY, time in nature, gather with friends. Remember, your life is your adventure. Use your tools. Take care of your physical body. Drain the emotional body. Hold the mental body loosely. Listen to yourself at Spirit. You know what to do!

  • Sun in Sagittarius = expansive insight, questing, adventure, learning
  • Full Moon (Wednesday 11/28) = getting connected, emotional awareness (notice exaggerated emotions)
  • Full Moon in Gemini  = offers a variety of ways to “look at it”, perspective, opening mind, mental flexibility
  • Lunar Eclipse = endings, letting go, closure on…. old beliefs, inner stories that keep us small, release emotional wounding…
  • Mercury Direct in Sagittarius (but will be in shadow until 15th) – “ephipanies should start popping”, visions, soul work,…

Year of the Water Dragon looks like it is going to offer us a great ride. I’ve only recently become interested in the “excitement” surrounding 2012. In fact, it started with a strange dream I had on New Year’s day about extraterrestrials. I’ll spare you the details, but what I will say about it is this – the last time I dreamed of aliens, I was beginning my journey into energy work by studying intuitive development with Mary Swanson. At that time I was an artist and worked for myself as a web designer. I had NO IDEA that I would someday be working as an intuitive consultant and teacher – that idea was far beyond my imagining; And yet, I was drawn to study intuitive development… for my own curiosity.

No one knows the future. Like our death, it is a mystery for every one. The important thing to note is the steps you are taking today will lead you into your future. With that awareness, what do you feel drawn to? What are you curious about? Acknowledging your desire and following your intuition (even though you have no idea where it will lead) will begin to produce a future better than you can imagine… but you have to take a risk. You have to be yourself.

This year is about riding the waves of change. For many, you’ve already been through big challenges over the last few years…. and you are still kicking. Time to trust yourself by leaning into your gifts and talents.* If you think you are weird, you are on your path. If you are reading this blog post, you are already well on your way. You have what it takes. As Angeles Arrien would say, you are “right on schedule.” Release any fear surrounding 2012 and get ready to hang 10 on the Water Dragon. We are being offered one hell of a ride.

+ heather

From Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios via Activist Post

What the Mayan Elders are Saying about 2012
excerpt “The world will not end. It will be transformed.” And he continues… “Humanity will continue, but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human. We are living in the most important era of the Mayan calendars and prophecies. All the prophecies of the world, all the traditions are converging now. There is no time for games. The spiritual ideal of this era is action.”

From Heather Roan Robbin’s Astro-Overview 2012 in the We’Moon Datebook

excerpt “This year is a turning point. It is not an end, as some predict; we cannot get out of our evolutionary homework that quickly. Time spirals; it’s the beginning of a new cycle, a new circle as the axis of the earth points towards the center of the galaxy. We saw a great deconstruction of old structures from 2008 – 2011 as Saturn opposed Uranus and squared Pluto. In 2012 Uranus – now in pro-active Aries – squares Pluto, electrifying the ground and seeding new forms, speeding up history now through 2015.” And I loved this suggestion for 2012 …”keep our shape soft and our plans mobile…”

From astrologer Rio Olesky‘s invitation to his talk “Perspectives for 2012

excerpt “2012 is here! Oh no! Hide the money, the jewels and the first-born! Disaster and calamity are at hand! Or, are they? Maybe we’ve already experienced relentless challenges that have prepared us for the adventure of this year. Perhaps this year will merely test what we have been learning over the past several years. Perhaps this year will actually offer us opportunities to make use of the transits to create a new reality for ourselves, individually and collectively. Perhaps these transits can help us enter new states of consciousness that can provide the clarity and inspiration to make major strides in our growth and evolution.” Read his January column

From Astrologer Jan Spiller

WHAT TO EXPECT IN 2012 by Jan Spiller
The theme of revolution against outworn systems that no longer meet personal needs will continue throughout 2012.

On a social level, this means more rebellion against governments that are not addressing the needs of the people. On a personal level, it will mean rebelling against unfair limitations and constraints of people or situations that you have given your authority to.

For example, if you are attending events that are socially appropriate but draining of your individual sprit, you may cease to attend such functions. Or if you do attend, you may feel challenged to be yourself more authentically.

This will be a year of material and financial improvements compared to the activity and trends of 2011. On a world level, corporations and governments will begin opening opportunities for the personal wealth of the people to increase. Money will begin flowing more easily.

Issues requiring faith and optimism about a better tomorrow will arise. In your personal life, if you rely strictly on your logic in guiding your financial moves, you will lose. If instead you listen to your intuition, knowing that there is a better plan for tomorrow still ahead, you will make the right moves that take best advantage of current opportunities to advance your position.

Until September, your most powerful stance in every area of your life is to link with the power of prayer and trust in positive outcomes. Pure FAITH in a higher intelligence looking out for you and available to help you is your key to success.
Be willing to be more spontaneous- add an attitude of adventure to your life. Whatever situation you find yourself in, its just another adventure in the chronicle of your entire life story. By being more spontaneous, a feeling of freedom and unexpected opportunities for positive outcomes will come your way. Rely on your intuition to guide you.

Develop the habit of being more direct in your communication rather than censoring yourself before speaking, trust yourself. That being said, a non-emotional delivery of what you have to say will be more effective than an emotionally-charged one. Allot some time to spend alone and in nature to get back in touch with the strength of what is real and natural in life.

Beginning in September it will be important to switch your focus and to attune yourself to a deeper level of understanding the people in your world. What are their motives, and their needs in situations at hand? How can you support their needs getting met in a way that results in your benefit as well?

After September it’s time to choose change over the status quo. By aligning yourself with people who have more power than you do, you enter onto a faster track to having a happy and fulfilling life.

Image: Water Dragonby Jacek Pilarski – image via Digital Artist

gifts and talents is a phrase used by Angeles Arrien (click link to read her monthly reflection)

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